Monday, 27 December 2010

Katie K- The social Networking GEEK!

Hey boys and girls ;-)

Hope you all had a FAB Christmas!

I'm here to let you all know:

1) I have updated my blog:

2) I've joined Flickr! Here you can see EXCLUSIVE PERSONAL pictures of me for free:

3) I've simplified my Facebook "like" page link:

4) I have a page here, where you can view ALL of the links to ALL of my social networking profiles:

Hope you all have an amazing time during the build up to the NEW YEAR!!!!

I'm off to the pantomime tomorrow to watch Aladdin! "Oh no it isn't..."!!! haha!

Big kisses

Katie xxx


Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas! I sure did! I spent the day with my family eating at a hotel in Blackpool and then going back to my aunty and uncles house to drink and eat more! Then on boxing day I watched Harry Potter and drank Baileys with some other members of my family, my cousins LOVE Harry Potter! Laer on I drove over to Manchester to play Trivial Pursuit and Poker with some other members of my family yes it's quite a big family I have hehe). I was exhausted and got to bed at 4am! EEEKKK! So today I am very tired and grumpy ;-) hehe.

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to my fans that bought me presents from my wishlist! I LOVE them so so muuch and I am very grateful! If you didn't buy me a gift, but would like to, there is still time for it to get to me before the New Year! My wishlist is here: and if you do send me a gift, please make sure you send me an address where I can send you a free signed 8x10.

If yo want to see me being a filthy girl in live XXX action direct from y home, then check out my schedule for my live webshows here: and if I'm not available, you can click the "home" button to check out all the other filthy naughty minxes available. lternatively you can view all the ot and fiesty blondes, just like me that are available if I'm not performing, check them out here:

Anyway boys, I'll keep in touch before the New Year!

Love you all lots


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

All my links in 1 place!

As well as obviosly having all my links here, I am now registered on! is where you will be redirected to my profile containing all my links!

Lots of love

Katie xx

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My Webcam schedule over Christmas and New Year!

Hey boys and girls!

Why not keep yourself warm during the cold winter nights and join me on my bed for some fun! Here is my schedule for my webcam shows during Christmas and New Year!


Wednesday 22nd Decmber- 11am-5pm and then 10pm-12am
Thursday 23rd December- 11am-5pm
Friday 24th December- 8pm-12am
Saturday 25th December- OFF! Merry Christmas!
Sunday 26th December- OFF! Happy Boxing Day!
Monday 27th December- 11am-5pm and then 8pm-11.30pm
Tuesday 28th December- OFF! Family Day!
Wednesday 29th Deceber- 11am-5pm and then 8pm-11.30pm
Thursday 30th December- 11am-5pm and then 8pm-11.30pm
Friday 31st December- 11am-5pm
Saturday 1st January- 2pm-5pm
Sunday 2nd January- OFF!
Monday 3rd January- 8pm-11.30pm
Tuesday 4th January- Back to normal timtable- 11am-5pm

Sunday, 19 December 2010


WOW! I haven't posted in a while due to being ill, busy webcamming, shooting and being more ill! But have I got a treat for you to make it up to you! Here, I have not one but TWO exclusive images for you all, my loyal fans! These images are only going to be seen in one place and that is MY website when it launches in 2011. I have grabbed a little graphic from the internet for the time being to stick on my images because last time I posted some exclusive images, they were stolen and posted on websites they weren't supposed to. These images are copyrighted and should anyone steal them, I WILL take legal action. Just so all the idiots out there know... ;-) Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

And remember boys, if you're feeling lonely and naughty over the Christmmas holiday, be sure to chec out my schedule for my webcam shows and I will DEFINITELY spice and war up your cold winter days and nights ;-)

Katie xx

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Check out the HARDCORE trailor to a new release that I am in: Relaxxx from Bluebird Films!!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

:-D Katie K = Excited and happy! :-)

Hello my dirts (dirties + flirts = dirts haha I'm a geek I know),

I am still FULL of flu... but this is ok because it means I'm resting my sexy body and getting myself well again, fast! :-) so what have I been doing with myself? Watching dvds, doing a spot of cleaning, spending time with my dogs :-) Also, I've been doing a lot of thinking and reminiscing! I do this alot when I get some free time... You see, just recently I've been having weird dreams. Just dreams with people in who I haven't seen in ages, or people I don't associate myself with anymore or people who remind me of a certain time in my life... Sometimes I dream of people I've never even met but have somehow had an impact on my life! I don't know why I get these dreams but sometimes it can really annoy me, or upset me but mostly it just confuses me! Dreams are weird and I can accept that. Some people don't really dream much, but I dream every single night. I find it odd, I wish I knew what they meant! But dreaming of certain people last night got me thinking about my life today... About everything I've done, right back to when I was 12 which was the start of my rebel years! haha (which aren't over yet ;-) hehe)! Some of it makes me smile, some of it makes me laugh, some of it makes me cringe, some of it makes me cry but all of it made me who I am right now and I wouldn't change it for the world. I LOVE just remembering all the things I've done throughout my life, whether it be silly, naughty, embarrassing... I've got some amazing, interesting and funny stories to tell! And because I want to add to my memory bank for the future and let you enjoy my journey through life with me, as from next week when I'm better, my vid camera comes everywhere with me! So you get to see all my moments whether they be funny, silly, crazy, embarrassing, naughty and it will all be available to watch on my website when it launches in a few months... 2011 baby, here I come so watch the fuck out!

P.S I got the new Rihanna album LOUD! Buy it for your wives, girlfriends or lady friends for Christmas and they will love you forever ;-)

Anyway I'm off to watch some SHIT daytime television... just because I can!


Monday, 6 December 2010

It's been a week or so...

Hey everyone!

So so sorry It's been a week or so since I last wrote, I've been extremely busy! I've been planning shoots for my upcoming website! I can't wait for you all to see it launch in 2011! It's been 3 years in the making... hehe. I've got my photographer (he is the shiz), I've got my designer, my models, my ideas, my outfits, my toys... whoooo hooo!

On top of this I've been extremely poorly :-( I currently have the flu :-( Booooo! But I am getting better and on the road to recovery :-)

I've found my HD vid cam, so watch out! I'm going to create "behind the scenes" chaos with this! I can't wait! Check out my Youtube channel and keep visiting it for all my videos... here is one video I just made to introduce you to my doggies, I made this with my iphone though not my vid cam! You can tell I sound poorly :-( booo! The link is here:

There is also a very recent video of me here: it is a behind the scenes short clip of my final ever freelance photoshoot (which was for!!!

ARGH I'm so excited for 2011! I can't believe it's christmas already! I did some Christmas shopping yesterday and then nought the rest of the presents online this morning. I LOVE online shopping! It's so easy and efficiant. I can't wait to wrap all the presents up, especially my 12 year old sisters, I always spoil her every year :-) On christmas day we are having a family meal at a hotel in Blackpool. We go out every year for christmas because no one can be bothered cooking! haha! But my poor doggies will be all alone on christmas day :-( awww! I'm going to spoil them too by taking them to a parlor to be trimmed and doggie pampered for their christmas present. I'm such a good little mummy to them hehe. I love them very much!

1 last thing, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to my fan that bought me a christmas prezzie from my wishlist! It arrived the day before yesterday and I LOVE it! You really didn't have to do that but thanks so much for thinking of me :-)

Anyway I must dash! I'm poorly and need to rest, booo!

Love you lots

Katie xx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Katie K's First EVER ANAL SCENE!!!

Hey everyone!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! I went out last night into Blackpool town with my sexy friends and loved every moment of it!

Anyway, I just thought I would share with you the knowledge that is my first EVER anal scene that started off my naughty anal love is available here to download: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This scene was so filthy with Starr as my Head Mistress and is full of chemistry between us both! All the reactions in this scene are 100% genuine, although obviously we are acting out a scene... i was genuinely turned on and so was Starr and you can tell through the sexual tension between us in this scene!

So go enjoy yourselves over it ;-) hehe

ALSO Please remember to keep voting for me on Miss Free Ones! If you sign up and register as a free member, your vote will be worth more! So please make me happy and vote for me!

On top of this, I am shooting for my website!!!! FINALLY my own official website is on it's way! So any requests for outfits, scene ideas, girlies to work with, please be sure to comment on this post!

Thanks so much love ya lots

Katie xx

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Hi everyone!

PLEASE PLEASE vote for me in the Miss Free Ones competition! Please vote for me to get me higher! I'm only #228! You can vote in 3 categories, Miss Freeones, Best Newcomer and Best Adult Model! Vote Katie K everyday in the competition and make me a very happy little bunny! :-D


Thanks so so much!

LOVE you all

Katie xx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

I am getting really organized!

Hi everyone!

It's only taken me 4 bloody years to get THIS organized! haha!

So here is the Katie K list to everything!:




Facebook Fanpage:!/pages/Katie-K/119492463114


Form Spring (Ask Katie anything here!):

Amazon Wishlist:



Vote for Katie:

Buy Katie's DVDs:

Television X Page and Movies:

Send Katie Fanmail:

Send Katie's Management an email or request:

OK so that's everything I can think of so far! Anything else and I'll add it to the list. Have a LOVELY Sunday!!

Katie xx

Thursday, 18 November 2010



Ther's going to be some great things happening in the land of Katie K over the next few months!!! I have SO many different projects coming to light, I'm so excited about them all! So keep your eyes peeled! I will be giving you a little glimpse in exactly 2 weeks time. I know you say "oooo two whole weeks??!!!" but yes, it is worth the wait I promise! On top of that I will be starting video blogs!!! YEYYYY!!!

The only things I have been up to recently is busy arranging things for these projects! I'm such a busy little Katie but I love it!

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying my cam shows! I have a GOLD Club coming to my camming page VERY soon so watch out for that too!

Check my links down the side of this blog for links to sites that have my Videos, Picture Sets and Films!!!

Other than that have an awesome weekend!

Love you all xxx

Monday, 15 November 2010

Katie K- Nice news and some not so nice news...

Hello all!

Wow I've been SO super crazy busy that I've not had chance to update this blog in a week1 So I am going to make it really long to make up for it, so I hope you are ready! haha!

So let's start with what I've been up to!

Well, obviously, I've been VERY busy camming just recently: if you want to have a sneeky peek ;-) I'm supposed to be on cam right now but I'm having a day off and thought I would write to you, my fans today too :-) Because I love you all (awwwwwww)

As you all know, I am part of a dance troop and my first MAJOUR show is in 2 weeks with an average of 2 shows a week so I'm SUPER FRIGGING excited about this! So I've been busy getting back into dancing, training and things :-)

On top of this I had a FANTASTIC weekend! ARGH! I went to the Tutankhamun museum at the trafford centre. I thought it was really good but apparently it's not so! But I really enjoyed it, I like interesting things like that. I also went car shopping (I'm getting a merc in March so it wasn't for me, I was just company lol) and went to Chiquito's because Mexican food is my favourite. MMMMM YUMMY!

I have just signed up to FORMSPRING! So ask me whatever you want: katiekuk is my username ;-) I w=ant interesting and naughty questions, I just got a good one about having an orgie!

So I have also been CRAZY BUSY setting up theseprojects I keep going on about. One has been in the pipeline for 3 and a half years! The other for 2 years! So I am working desperately hard to get them launched to you very quickly. I have had offers from other companies, so hopefully one of these projects is going to be HUGE! So very exciting!

OK so now for the not so nice things. There is a british industry forum and a lot of girls have been writing some very negative things about the industry recently. This saddens me. Not only have I been on the recieving end of gossip and rumours, but I can also see everyone else being on the recieving end too and in other cases I've seen people start rumours. Not very nice! 4 years ago when I started in the adult industry, it was a lovely place to be. Now it isn't so much, which is really upsetting. Only because there have been so many really hurtful and nasty rumours going around the industry about anybody and everybody. I am doing everything that I can to set up my projects to invite girls into a lovely and calm part of the industry where there will be no rumours, no lies, no need to defend yourself and also plenty of work. Bullying will be forbidden and so will time wasters. I want to protect the ladies of the industry and I want the industry to change. I wanted to change Britains perception of the industry because it's not full of drug abusing bimbos (which is still very true, it's really not full of girls like that) but just recently there are a lot of fuck overs, time wasters, back stabbers, etc etc. I for one DO NOT GIVE A SHIT whatever anyone wants to spread around the industry about me. I know the truth and so do the people who I love. Everyone else can get lost. My fans know the truth because they are loyal, they support me and I give them an insight into my life and the industry and I tell them the truth. Giving them my latest news and gossip first. Well believe me, there is a BIG project in the making that will help the wonderful girls of british adult entertainment. There are going to be some TOP british adult names involved in this project to make it happen. I'm so so excited and I really want to do this for the girls. I want them to be safe, happy and secure. Bring it on!!!! What a challenge but it's going to be worth it!

FINALLY PLEASE PLEASE vote for me for Miss Freeones! Click on my name, Katie K!!!

OK so that's me. Bye for now, LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Katie xxx

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Katie K New Film Release by Television X!

Hi filth mutts!

I'm in a new film that has just been released by Television X titled: The Deadly Sins of Mistress Sinclair!

Buy it now here:

Or visit Television X here:

To check out this film plus MANY MANY more from Television X!

Also, I was in yesterdays issue of the Daily Sport for their "Girl-Next-Door" featiure. Thanks to everyone who bought copies!

On top of all that, I will be on webcam tonight 9pm until 3am! Check me out live and extreme-

Love you!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Katie K Update

Hello sexy boys and girls!

Just an update really! I'm so happy that I've got LOADS going on at the moment with producing my website (FINALLY) and some other MAJOUR projects for my fans to enjoy! Keep a look out on here for all the regular updates about it all.

In the meantime, either check me out live, filthy and exclusive at or check out all my links on here to naughty picture sets, videos and films that I star in!

DIRTY Details about Katie K's WEBCAMMING: I love role play whether it be dressing up as a naughty college girl who needs a good spanking and telling off for not doing her homework, your filthy secetary at work who will do anything for a promotion, a policewoman who has just caught you speeding and wants to punish you, or a filthy dom bitch who wants to humiliate, degrade, abuse and annihilate you! I can cater for fetishes such as panties, stockings, suspenders, feet, heels, boots, PVC, silk/satin, etc. I have lots of sexy lingerie if you prefer the classy look. I can be a nasty, foul-mouthed bitch or cute, rude and naughty! The choice is yours. But whatever you choose, I can promise you will have the time of your life, and so will I!!!

Also, I have just updated my Adultwork page where I offer private picture galleries, my worn panties to buy, worn lingerie sets to buy, signed pictures, custom photo sets, custom videos and lots of other goodies in my shop! You can also use my profile to send me a naughty text! However, you will not be able to book me on Adulwork for webcamming unfortunately!

Here is the link to my profile:

Link to the Adultwork shop:

I will be updating this profile with some more private pictures and some private movies VERY VERY soon, so keep watching this space to find out when!

So head over to the shop NOW because you can NOW purchase signed pictures of me and custom videos!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Katie K / Katie Kay Girl/Girl Lesbian Anal Fucking Free Porn !!!!

I just added all my most searched keywords as my title for this post! Katie K Katie Kay Girl/Girl Lesbian Anal Fucking Free Porn !!!! Yes I am trying to bump up my SEO! haha!

Anyway, I've been such a filthy slut this week on webcam! Working on it from 10am until 4pm GMT and making HUNDREDS of men ALL over the world, CUM HARD and MASSIVE loads!!!! MMMMMM LOVE IT!!! You can check out my webcam shows here:

There's free group chat, Private Chat (with me, you and lots of other users in the room. This is up to solo toys) and Exclusive Chat (just me and you in the room and this is up to solo toys and anal)! I am also available to do Cam2Cam! So if you want me to watch you, you can do it all here at: !!!!! Best of all it's live from my bedroom!!!

On top of that I would like to ask you all to add

This is myself and Cate's new project! If you want to see lots of horny and naughty british girls being filthy live from their homes then make sure you follow Britcams to find out which girls will be working for us and when!

I've also added all the films that I've been in and the link for you to buy them on the right hand side of this blog! Hope you enjoy!

Love ya all xxx

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I keep getting asked where can people find my films, well here is the answer! HERE:

Film titles include:
Calling the shots 2
Foxy Tarts
Theo's Teen Thrills
Toy Fuckers
Chalet Girl
Made in Italy
Katie K's Teen Rampage


Download them all from HERE NOW:


Watch me on Television X being a FILTHY SLUT!!!

Check me out on the UK's PREMIER British Adult Channel, Television X being the filthiest girl on girl slut that a girl can be ;-)

Check out my gallery and films here at this link:


New Releases featuring me!!!

Just a quick update! Some films have been released that I am in!

Bubbles- Bluebird Films (available to purchase now from


All Girls Do It- Strangelove (Harmony Films)

Check out the FREE hardcoren pictures and FREE video hardcore trailor HERE:

I had such a horny time on set with Amber and Jewell! Thinking about it now is getting me sooooo WET!!


Monday, 1 November 2010

I'm living in a dream, this isn't make believe

Ello ello!

How are we this fine Monday morning, the first day of November? I'm feeling grea, today is the start of a new chapter in my life and I am super happy :-)

So what have I been up to? Well!!! We'll start from the most recent event and work back. Last night I watched Saw 3D at the cinema, absolutely dreadful! The acting was atrocious and it was full of blood. The jijsaw attacks were pretty horrific though, so if you like that kind of thing, that was pretty ok.

The night before I went to Cate Harringtons Hen do along with Shay Hendrix, Loz Lorrimar and some of our friends! I was dressed as a bumble bee! Had the best night ever and got pretty drunk from Cheeky Vimto :-D and harrassed a guy who reckoned he could do kung fu, but really couldn't. Bless his cotton socks.

The night before that I had a dance gig and had a great night. I LOVE dancing. I've been trained in it since I was 9 and I'm super happy I'm back dancing, it's what I was meant to do :-) Cate Harrington is a pretty awesome dancer too actually and she's never been trained in it which I'm super suprised about because she could do it professionally! We were grinding on each other on the tables in the club... you know how it is ;-)

Before that I searched out my new car! I'm getting a white Mercedes Benz C class executive and I really can't wait! ARGHHHHH!

On top of all this Me and Cate H launched our joint project and we are super excited about it :-)

So yeah all is good, naughty and filthy in the land of Katie K ;-)

I am updating a new list on my blog because I keep getting asked "Katie, what films have you been in, where can I see a list of them?" So I will be adding a list right now :-D



Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's So Fluffy!!!!

Oi Oi!!!

How's it hanging babys? I've had a great weekend! I went to see that "Dispicable Me" (so so good! Best film I've seen since "Up"!) and then had a dance gig on Saturday night (went really really well!). On top of that I bought another puppy!!!! So I'm not the proud owner of 4 lizards and 2 doggies :-D yey! He's called Charlie and he is a Shih Tzu cross Westie cross Chihuahua. He's a big ball off fluff and I've included a pic of him with this post (but you can't see him very well because it's a bit dark). He's in the sink because I was getting ready to give him a bath lol.

I'm very very excited because myself and the GORGEOUS Cate Harrington will be launching our company properly this week (so excited to launch it to you all)!!! Good times all round!

I've had to secure my twitter feed now because some people ruin it for the rest (and before any rumours start flying around, it's not because my parents or family or friends have found out about my job because they all know about my job and have done for the past 3 and a half years. My parents are actually very proud of me, how well I've done and how successful I've become :-D ). You can happily request to add me:

Don't forget to check out my naughty show on webcam: check my schedule to see when I'm next performing :-)


Katie xxx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Despicable Me!

Alright naughties ;-)

A quick couple of things! I announced a few months ago I was going to America. For now this move is on hold. I've currently got too many amazing projects and companies going ahead that it would be stupid of me to drop it all to go to america! I can't wait to launch all my projects and let you enjoy them! They're going to be so so good! Lot's of wanking to be had by all! hehe.

Tonight I've had a Dominoes Pizza (Texas BBQ my fave!) and I'm currently drooling over Nick from CSI: Las Vegas (he is the fucking fittest thing on this planet!) yee ha! Soon I'm going to enjoy Despicable Me at the cinema, I can't wait, I've been trying to go see it for the past week!

Today I learnt lots of things. With all these projects I've been chatting to some interesting people and I learnt today I'm pretty shit because I don't have a 5 year plan! Well, I live for today and not tomorrow because tomorrow is another day! But I guess not having a 5 year plan is bad... I have a 1 year plan but that's about it... I guess when you're in porn you can't really have a 5 year plan. In the current time we can't really have a 5 year plan anyway because things are constantly changing that it would be a waste of thought to arrange a 5 year plan, to suddenly realise it's not going to work in todays climate and then rethink... I'd always be rethinking! All I know is that I'm a horny bitch and I want to have sex all day long for as long as i can! Sounds like the best 5 year plan to me ;-)

Anyway I'll let you all know what the film is like!

Love you all

Katie xx

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Seek Bromance

It's Wednesday babyssss! That means tomorrow is the start of the weekend! Fuck yeah! Here is a tune that has been getting me in the weekend mood this week:

So on Saturday I did a shoot for Shiny Tease which involved dressing up in various Shiny Outfits and being VERY filthy indeed! My sets have gone up on the site already they were that good!!!! Shiny Tease can be viewed here:

OK so I've been spending most of my week being very naughty on webcam: check my schedule for when I'll next be performing.

Also, I've added a link to the super amazing FREE website: It's full of free galleries of all the hottest ladies around so be sure to stop by and have a cheeky wank ;-) I've updated all my own links too, there's an awful lot of websites that I'm on and there are plenty more where they came from! I'm slowly going through every single site that I'm featured on and adding links here on my blog so you can all be filthy with yourselves over me. I LOVE it! I love my fans wanking over me and enjoying my filthyness!

MMMM I just cooked an AMAZING tea of Lamb and Veg, it was so lovely, it's such a good little chef when I want to be! I'm looking forward to the rest of my week and of course, the mother freaking weekend! I'll be getting my groove on and being a dirty cock tease in all the clubs ;-)

Enjoy my new sets on Shiny Tease!

Katie xx

Monday, 18 October 2010


HAHAHAHA You lot are DIRTY FUCKERS do you know that? I just checked my stats and most people search for the words "Katie K Anal" in search engines for this blog to come up! How naughty!

WELL if you love me and you love anal so much... check out my webcam show today full of exclusive anal shows live from my cute pink paradise bedroom!

Also, you will see I have updated my linkssection with plenty more sites that have filthy picture sets and videos of me being too rude for your eyes!

I had a great weekend! On Saturday I worked for Tied Virgins (link on my links list, top right of this blog) and yesterday I went to an all you can eat Indian Buffet, then watched 300 and Superbad (which is one of my favourite movies EVER!).

See you soon


Sunday, 17 October 2010

New things being added...

Hello sexies!

I'm currently in nothing but my silky dressing gown writing this! I'm being very lazy on this very dull Sunday morning! I'm just updating my blog with links of sites that I've been a very bad girl on! I keep getting asked "where can I see a list of all the sites you've been on" so I'm slowly working through them, trying to remember every single site I'm published on and posting the links in the top right hand corner of my blog.


With Christmas coming up, my LOVELY, AMAZING, THOUGHTFUL fans have asked if they can buy me a Christmas present! Well of course the answer is yes, you sweeties! I have composed an Amazon Wish List that you may view here:

Right, I have absolutely nothing planned for today so I'm going to go and watch some awful British weekend telly!

Much love!


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wow, how long has it taken me!

OMG! I am FINALLY back blogging!!!! The reason why? Well, I have a lot more free time to do these kind of things now! So what have I been up to? Well if you are a fan of mine on facebook (sorry I can't accept any new friend requests to please become my fan or join my group!) or follow me on twitter: you will see I've been a CRAZY busy bee! I am now WEBCAMMING!!!!: (check my schedule for when I'm doing my next shows!) and I will be doing EXCLUSIVE anal shows. This will be the only place where you can see me doing anal as I gave this level of work up 2 years ago, so if you want to see me shove inappropriate things up my tight, tiny little arsehole, this is the only place to see it and what better way than to watch it LIVE from my bedroom, performing JUST FOR YOU!

OK so I have some AMAZING things to share with you all and the ONLY places you will be able to find out about all these exciting things are here and Twitter, so if you haven't already, get yourself on there and follow my sexy titties!

OK so I'm currently supposed to be babysitting my 12 year old sister... I've been shooting all day (details to follow on Monday) so I'm gonna go order us a pizza, get us a DVD and snuggle up with our duvets and my puppy, Poppy!

Bye for now filthy fuckers! It's great to be back!