Monday, 18 October 2010


HAHAHAHA You lot are DIRTY FUCKERS do you know that? I just checked my stats and most people search for the words "Katie K Anal" in search engines for this blog to come up! How naughty!

WELL if you love me and you love anal so much... check out my webcam show today full of exclusive anal shows live from my cute pink paradise bedroom!

Also, you will see I have updated my linkssection with plenty more sites that have filthy picture sets and videos of me being too rude for your eyes!

I had a great weekend! On Saturday I worked for Tied Virgins (link on my links list, top right of this blog) and yesterday I went to an all you can eat Indian Buffet, then watched 300 and Superbad (which is one of my favourite movies EVER!).

See you soon


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Ian said...

hi katie of course i love you katie.i do love your ass but to be honest.i love all of you including your personality.your personality is what i love're fantastic babe in everyway.your vids and pics are always amazing and thats a fact xxx