Sunday, 30 October 2011

Katie K in the Daily Sport about British Racing...

I offered to give British Racing bosses a spanking to prove the whip doesn't hurt! Do you think they'll accept...?!

Check out the full article here:

New Playboy Film!

Well... this Playboy film was actually shot about 3 years ago now but it has only just been released!  Check out the trailer and let me know wha you think!

Friday, 28 October 2011

FREE 2 hour Halloween webcam show!

I can confirm that I will be doing a FREE 2 hour Halloween themed webcam show this Sunday (30th October) from 11am until 1pm UK time on where I will be dressed up and getting very naughty!!!  This is instead of doing two 1 hour shows this week as I've been poorly with a cold :-( So thought what better way than to enjoy the 2 hours together in a very special holiday themed show!!!

Hope to see you there you naughty little minxes!

Happy Halloween!

Katie xx

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Who wants to party with me?!

If you're available on 1st December and want to party with me then I'll be at the Paul Raymond Winter Wonderland Party at Platinum Lace London!  The event is guest list only and in attendance there'll be not only me and my sexy Porn Star girlfriends, but there'll also be mainstream celebs too!  To get your free tickets just email and tell them you're a fan of mine and want to come and party with me!

See you all there!

Katie xx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I did an Interview for Pornstar Airlines!

I've been asked some questions you won't all know the answers too!  Chech out the interview here:

Time for our next stewardess at

Katie K !

What are you currently up to ? ( promote everything you have ! )
Well I'm currently shooting for my site and this month I am the Television X girl of the month, so they will be promoting me all throughout October on their website I've also just launched a feature with Adult Sport Mag called "Katie's World" The feature invites readers to explore my sexy secrets and find out what turns me on. I'm at my most uninhibited and talk absolute FILTH! The current issue's column is all about my love of anal sex!
What's your website? and contains EXCLUSIVE solo masturbation and girl on girl explicit sex photos and videos that you won't be able to see anywhere else! It also has an "archive" section that is full of content of me over the years, from the shy innocent 18 year old girl to right up until I launched my site! There's also a "Katie's Kittens" feature which is full of my girlfriends solo photo sets and videos, "Mistress Katie" photo sets and videos, behind the scenes videos, photos from my iPhone and free weekly 1 hour webcam shows! The site is updated 5 times a week and also has a forum where you can interact with me, send requests, etc etc.
Is there a funny or bizarre story considering adult-biz or private sex-life you d like to tell our passengers?
Well, when I filmed my FIRST EVER adult movie, it was really funny because I was dressed as a college girl and I was working with British Porn Star legend Lolly Badcock. The scene was about how much I wanted to be just like Lolly so she had to show me what it's like to be her. She stripped me naked on a busy street in London and walked me across the road and it just so happened that a queue of traffic formed as she was walking me across! Everyone was staring at me in shock and horror!
Which achievements are you proud of ?

I'm proud of being nominated for some awards! It's nice to be recognised for what you are doing! I was nominated for 'Best Anal Scene' in 'Anal Boutique' at the UK Adult Awards and I was nominated for 'All Girl 3 Way Sex Scene' for 'Foxy Tarts at the US AVN Awards! I also presented an award last year at the UK Adult Awards for famous UK BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood. That was pretty amazing! I'm just overall very proud of myself for achieving so much for only being a British Star and only setting foot in the US once when I was 18. I'm creating such a buzz and I receive so much love for my work from men and women, I love it!
Did you have sex with a famous person ?Who was it?

I've never had sex with a famous person but if I could have a 'Celebrity Orgy' then I would invite Celebrity Porn Stars Jenna Jameson, Bree Olson, Jenna Haze and Jessica Drake and Mainstream Celebrities Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Calvin Harris and Example.
What kinda tattoos do you have and what are they symbolizing?
I actually don't have any tattoos! I couldn't get any done because I'd get bored of it and hate it after having it for a week and want to get rid of it or change it. I go through stages of wanting to get one but then I think of the pain and how bored I get of things and I just don't bother.
What makes you getting excited in guys( lead-singers,cool car,bird-breeders... )?

I just like guys who are really down to earth, friendly, can make me laugh, generous, have a warm smile, nice eyes and who would make me feel like the most amazing girl in the World. Any guy who could do that would be mine forever.
Here s a few people.What comes to your mind,if you read the names?:

Tommy Lee: His sex tape with Pamela Anderson
Max Hardcore: Extreme Sex
Jenna Jameson: A very intelligent businesswoman
Paris Hilton: Bad Singing!
Snoop Dogg: His silly platted bunches hairstyle!
Lady Gaga: Her weird outfits and costumes and how pretty and amazing she used to be before she turned strange
Ron Jeremy: His Mustache
Whose face would you like to slap ?

Probably Lady Gaga's for the pure fact that she was so beautiful when she released Just Dance and Pokerface and her songs had a unique style but now she has completely changed her look and sound and I really don't like it! Before I would have fucked her... now I really wouldn't!
Any unusual place where you had sex?

In an old unused warehouse and at my seat on a peak time train that was moved into the toilets to finish off!
Did you ever have sex in a flying plane?

Actually no! But I would absolutely love to!
Please,would you give us the story when you gave a blow-job for your first time?What happened ?

I was very shy and nervous, so I just grabbed it, started licking it all over and teasing the end of it. I licked and sucked the balls and then put it into my mouth and started sucking up and down getting faster and faster until he spunked all into my mouth and throat and I swallowed every last drop

What kind of music is your favourite ?
Electro House and House Music

What was the last concert you saw?

Britney Spears
Do you have some motto's you live by?
"Live well, Learn plenty, Laugh often, Love much."
"Don't take life too seriously. No one gets out alive
"If something's not worth fighting for, then it's not worth keeping"
"Never regret the things you've done, regret the things you haven't!"
"Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful"
Either or:

long or short hair in guys: Short
dom or sub in bed: Dom
Sushi or Mc Donald s: McDonald's (although I don't like either)
shaved or pubes: Men= Pubes, Women= Shaved
heels or sneakers: Heels
Motley Crue or Marilyn Manson: Motley Crue
sex for breakfast or late at night: Late at night

What do you do in your free time to feed your soul and to enjoy life?

I love to watch movies, go out partying with my girlfriends, walking my two doggies on the beach I live by and listening to music!

" animals: Dogs & Lizards
" food: Mexican
" party-drinks: Wine, Campaign, Vodka & Red Bull and Archers and Lemonade
" magazines: Cosmopolitan and FHM
" cars: Range Rovers & Mercedes Mclaren's
" position: Up Against the wall
" perfume: Vasache- Woman

Do you like getting your feet spoiled and what is a man supposed to do?
Yes I love to have them kissed and worshiped. Having my toes sucked and licked and having my shoes kissed, sucked and licked

What do you think about producers like Max Hardcore who are pushing the limits of porn?

I think it's great he is producing what he loves and enjoys. There's so many people with jobs that they hate and they wake up in the morning dreading work. Whereas producers like Max Hardcore get up in the morning and think "Wow, I've got to get ready for work and fuck some woman really really hard today!" If the girls didn't enjoy it then they wouldn't work for/with him.

What would you do if you won the lottery and get 10 million dollars?

I don't really know! I'd probably give some to my chosen charity, buy my parents a house, treat my little sister to a crazy shopping trip, buy a new house, go on holiday and save the rest.

Some thoughts on

"anal: It makes me cum too quick
"swallowing: I love it
"69: MMMM! This position helps me to get a cock really far down my throat!
"doggy: I love to be pounded really hard, looking back over my shoulder in this position
"missionary: Although this position could be seen as being boring, I absolutely love it, especially when I'm led at the edge of the bed and the guy is stood up pounding me right at the edge of the bed
"rim jobs: I love giving them to sexy girls
"foot-erotic: I love receiving foot worship and giving sexy foot jobs and making the guy cum all over my feet and making him lick it off!!
"hair pulling: If you're gonna pull it, PULL IT! Don't just pull it slightly, if you want to take control then make me feel like you're dominating me!
"watersports: I don't mind giving watersports...
"ass spanking: OOOOH yes I love it and I love it hard! I love bending naughty boys over my knee too and spanking their asses until the go purple with bruises!

What s your future plans,where do you wanna be in 10 years ?

I just take every day as it comes. There's no point planning my life because nothing ever goes to plan. Even in my personal life I just can't ever plan anything. I've got some things in the pipeline like Directing my own films so we'll just see how it goes and I'll let you know!

Anything else for the readers and passengers?

If you think I'm sexy and filthy, check out my site it's the only website I'm currently shooting for. Or you can check out all of my VERIFIED links and social networking profiles at

Hope to see you soon you sexy fuckers!
Katie K xxx
Multi Award Nominated British Adult Film Star and Glamour Model

Thanxxx to Katie for taking time for us !


Friday, 14 October 2011

Webcam, Free Members Webcam and @iFriends

Hi everyone!
Just dropping by with my webcam schedule!

Today I will be here:

Keep checking to see when I'm on but I should be on around 10am-12pm and then back again 1pm-3pm.

Then on Sunday I will be back here throughout the day:

Then Sunday night I will be doing a FREE 1 hour webcam show on at 7pm-8pm!!

Next week on October 17th-19th I will be here:


Monday:      10am-12pm then 1pm-2pm
Tuesday:      10am-12pm then 1pm-3pm
Wednesday: 10am-12pm then 1pm-3pm

If you'd like me to put FREE $15 into your virtual wallet on iFriends to spend however you like then click here before 30th October to get it instantly

See you then!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Chance to Meet Me!

OK so there are some absolutely amazing opportunities coming up for you to meet me, have a pic taken with me, get an autograph, ask me some questions, pick my brains, proclaim your undying love for me or whatever else you'd like to do! I will be signing at Erotica at the Olympia London on the Television X stand on 18th, 19th and 20th November! I will be signing alongside TOP international Porn Stars Angel Long, Syren Sexton AND the gorgeous Tanya Tate will also be flying in from LA to sign on the stand too! Don't miss this scorching hot opportunity to meet the biggest names in Porn FACE TO FACE!

Hopefully see you there...?! ;-)

Katie xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

Playboy Club London!

On Wednesday night I took my non-industry friend to the World Famous Playboy Club London! It was so awesome! But I got very drunk and I’m still not recovered! I had 4 hours sleep and was soooo drunk still when I woke up! We didn’t even drink that much either so we don’t even know how or why we ended up so drunk! Oh and I bought 2 drinks for £35!!! How crazy is that! I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much on so little in a bar before, but let me tell you, we both agreed they were the best and nicest drinks we had ever drunk! Crazy! I’ll upload some pics next week, my friend has them all on her camera!

The next night I went out to a Thai Restaurant with some friends, Friday night I went to a stand-up comedy night in Clitheroe (now there's two things that don't go together! Comedy and Clitheroe haha). Then Saturday night I got dragged out clubbing with my girlfriends and last night I went out for a meal with my family! So it's no wonder I'm feeling "rough as fuck" today!

Also, while I've got the chance, I just wanted to remind you that you can view my hardcore DVDs on video on demand on you laptop, Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad.... anywhere.... HERE! (click the banner to view):

Sexy fucks!

Katie xxx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Katie K Takes Over Television X!

From 10am UK time tomorrow and for the duration of October, I will be taking over Television X!!!

There will be previously UNRELEASED scenes of me from St Teenycums: Nymphic Games (a hardcore girl on girl scene with sexy Welsh babe Loz Lorrimar!) and MY FIRST EVER SCENE with Pornstar Legend Lolly Badcock in a crazy scene of corruption, exhibitionism and filth!  It's an awesome scene and it was my first ever one so you will see me being the innocent shy girl I was 4 and a half years ago, being dominated and humiliated by Lolly!

All of the sites 'Featured Scenes' will be of all my most watched scenes, including the famous award nominated 'Anal Boutique' that brought down Parliament in the expenses scandal!

On top of that, Television X will be showcasing all of the scenes I love to masturbate and fuck to in the ‘Editors Picks’ section!

So head on over to Television X from 10am UK time tomorrow for the Katie K Takeover!!!

Any of my fans from around the World can check out my Takeover, just click on the 'Katie K' banner below to enter their website and take advantage of their special joining offers!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

FREE Members Webcam and FREE money!

You will be pleased to know that if you are a member of that I am now going to be doing WEEKLY free members webcam shows! My first show last night was so great that I have decided to do them once a week! If they get more and more popular then I will be introducing my girlfriends (I like to call them Katie's Kittens) for girl on girl shows and for their own solo shows too!

If you are not a member of but you'd like to still see the webcam shows without joining my site, not only can you do that but I'm going to put $15 into your "virtual wallet" absolutely FREE when you join my webcam platform iFriends! Just for being my fan and coming to see my webcam shows on iFriends I'm giving you $15 free to spend on me or any of the other iFriends girls that tickle your fancy! Anyone can join iFriends, even if you are already a member of and take advantage of the free $15 promo!!  All you have to do is click the special promo link below and enjoy your free gift!

Please note this offer is only available until 30th October!!!