Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Exclusive Interview for GTXXXTREME

I did an exclusive interview for my awesome friends at www.gtxxxtreme.com

The Caption Winners!

My FreeOnes.com Caption Contest had close to 50 entries!!! Wow what an awesome rsponse and it was so much fun too!  FreeOnes chose 12 of the best and let the FreeOnes members decide the winner and runner up on a voting system!

Congrats to the winner who will now recieve my FreeOnes outfit straight off my body in the post and 1 months free membership to my site and congrats to the runner up who will also recieve 1 months free membership to my site!  There were so many great comments about how much fun this contest was, thanks for all the enties and here are the winners!

Winning Entry:

Runner Up:


Monday, 29 August 2011


Check out this HILARIOUS cartoon that was made for me by @CourtImages on Twitter!

Recent Updates on KatieKOfficial.com

Hi my sexy one's ;-)

Here's some images from my latest updates at www.katiekofficial.com AND next week I will be launching the date of the FREE 1 hour special webcam show for members of my website!  I'm so very excited about this!  I know you are too ;-)

Sexy fucks xxx

Sheer Purple:


 Topless on the Beach- Archive Set shot 4 years ago:

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Vote for your favourite Katie K Caption

Hi guys  and girls!

If any if you are members of the FreeOnes.com message board (it's free to join) you can vote for your favourite Katie K picture caption to win the FreeOnes T-shirt straight off my back, the FreeOnes panties straight off my pussy AND 1 months membership to my website!  A runner up will also win 1 months membership to my site!  So have a read of the very funny and very entertaining captions and pick your favourite :-D



If any of my fans are in LA this weekend for the EXXXOTICA show, please stop by the dotxxx (.xxx) stand and say hello to my friends from .xxx and iFriends.  They have banners of me on their stand!

Friday, 26 August 2011

I love being an exhibitionist!

I just love doing things that I shouldn't, especially if it means I might get caught! Like getting naked in the woods where someone might be walking their dog and stumble across my naked body ;-)


I have now allowed comments to be posted on my blog posts, so if you like something, please feel free to comment on it! :-)

Katie xx

Best All Girl 3 Way Sex Scene

I was nominated for an AVN Award in 2009 for Best All girl 3 Way Sex Scene for my 3 way sex scene performance in Foxy Tarts by Harmony Films! Here's the HARDCORE trailor for this VERY Erotic film including the award nominated scene performed by me, Lolly Badcock and Strapon Jane!

The Paulie K Porn Show!

I did a phone call interview for The Paulie K Porn Show that is now available for free on iTunes!  Check it out, it's a great interview with so many funny moments!


Hello my filthy friends

Hope you’re all having a great week! I just got back from Turkey and it was an amazing holiday!  BUT I was poorly all week! It’s been awful! I’ve only just started to feel better the day I went home! But that hasn’t stopped me from having LOTS of filthy beach sex and holiday one night stands! I’ll tell you about one sex episode and I’ll save the rest for next week ;-)

This week I kept getting chatted up by a sexy girl who worked at one of the clubs. I found out she was a part time model but worked in this club at night. When we started chatting it became apparent that she was flirting with me and she had this really sexy smile! I couldn’t resist her! She’d come over and have a dance with me, undressing me with her eyes that sparkled and just her sexy smile, it was so irresistible, my panties were getting wetter and wetter just looking at her and wing teased by her! So it was to my relief when she whispered too me a few nights ago that she fancied me!

Her sexy accent was to die for! She told me what time she finished and asked if I’d wait for her. She wore a sexy tight White vest top and black leggings that clung to her sexy ass and long legs. I loved just looking at her body and smile! She started flirting with me until we got to the beach and...

The rest of the juicy gossip is in my diary section in the members area of www.katiekofficial.com

Sexy fucks

Katie xx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Free @freeones Photoset for you to enjoy ;-)

Here is a free @freeones photoset of me stuffing my panties and being very filthy and naughty for you to enjoy ;-)


WIN my @freeones goodies and a months FREE membership to my site!

One day to go for the freeones.com contest where you can win the T-Shirt and Panties I wore for my FreeOnes Photoshoot AND a months FREE membership to my site www.katiekofficial.com! There will also be one member picked as a runner up for a months free membership to my site! All the details on how to win are here:


Hilarious Video of me!

Have you checked out this video of me being interviewed by Ashley Hames?  If you ask a silly question, you get a silly answer ;-p hehehehe

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Free Members Shows

You've been asking me for it so I can now confirm that I will be providing free members shows on www.katiekofficial.com! This feature will be launching in September and I'm very excited to meet my members properly! Thanks for being great and making this my best year yet! xxx
Here's some pictures from my latest photo set

Friday, 12 August 2011

I'm now an iFriends girl!

I'm now a certified iFriends girl and will be starting my webcam shows on their site here from September onwards:

They have also helped me set up a service for members of katiekofficial.com to watch me for free when I offer free members shows on the webcam page of my website!  How awesome is that?!  Again that feature will be starting sometime in September, watch this space for further details!

Sexy kisses

Katie xx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sexy Seamed stockings...

...look great around my sexy shaped ass!!! Just saying ;-)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

I'm looking for girls who have never done girl on girl before for my new Playboy TV show! The only catch is, you must genuinely like girls! If you are interested, please post on my Facebook wall www.facebook.com/katiekofficial

I shall look forward to hearing from you!

Katie x

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I was on NBC News USA today!

See a glimpse of me in this video and learn about the new .xxx domain!

Check out this sexy pic!

It's my most recent update at katiekofficial.com! It's a sexy set with a naughty little pole that I've become very good friends with just recently ;-) 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

People Magazine Australia

Here is a scan of my feature in People Magazine!

Mainstream & Mens Magazines!

Hi guys!
Just to let you know that my feature "Katies World" is out NOW in Adult Sport Magazine AND to all of my Australian fans, I'm in this weeks People Magazine in Australia!

Heres a picture from my latest update on www.katiekofficial.com

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Latest Interview!

Check out my latest podcast interview for Peeperz Radio! My most "stripped bare" interview yet! Check it out here:

"It only takes a minute of Katie K’s smoldering voice with her delicious English accent to reel you in hook line and sinker. This girl-girl UK star lives up to every bit of the ever expanding hype she is stoking across the pond, in Aussie tabloids, as well as broadcast channels throughout Europe. She also plans to make the trip over here stateside soon so pay attention to the British invasion when she lands....."