Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Real Girls!!!

I'm looking for girls who have never done a girl on girl scene before (or never had a girl on girl experience before) who want to try their first one with me! Please tweet me @katiekmodel to show your interest! Guys you can get your girlfriends or female friends involved, just make sure you get their permission before putting them forward! No time wasters please.  This is for a new feature on my website xx

Monday, 30 May 2011

Paul Raymond Party Pics

Just got the pictures back from the Paul Raymond Party!  See them on my facebook page:


Tuesday, 24 May 2011


It's sad how people feel they have to justify their own lives by putting others down.  I for one am not like that.  What you see is what you get.  I don't "hide" behind a mask or a computer screen.  I don't spend my life searching on the internet to find someone I can be horrible or nasty too.  It's such a shame there are monsters in this world.  Do they not realise why they are lonely and why they have so much time on their hands to search the internet putting others down?  They have nothing better to do; no one to spend their time with.  They are trying to justify their lives as what they see to be empty.  I have no time for monsters, I only have time for my fans, my family, my friends and my work and that's enough for one 23 year old to handle for now ;-)

Self Respect- Meet The REAL Katie K ;-)

OK so I thought I'd do a PROPER blog this time, where I wrote about something interesting... Today I had an interesting day. I Tweeted a Celebrity (it was a very naughty tweet) and then they replied about the lack of self respect I had and then proceeded to tweet about how women can be "sluts" these days and lack self respect. A lot of people agreed with him, but a lot of people agreed with my replies which were "People make me laugh when it comes to self respect... Just because I'm a Porn Star doesn't mean I have no self respect... Being a porn star is a job I have CHOSEN. That means I'm being true to myself and doing something I want t do. All those people who are working just to earn money or a living and hate their job... those are the people with no self respect... Those are the people I feel sorry for. And they have the cheek to tell me I have no self respect... You get on with your shit job and I'll get on with fucking my pussy just fine." OK so I went off on a rant... but you see my point! The people tweeting about lack of self respect are the ones who aren't happy with themselves or their lives. i understand that we've got to make a living but as per my blog on New Years Eve, you can earn a living from something you love and enjoy! I love and enjoy sex so I do it for a job (and for free in my personal life of course ;-) hehe).

Porn wasn't as such a "chosen" career for me at first... I was going to University (I had gotten 1 of 12 places on a very good degree course that hundreds of applicants applied for, so I am very well educated and could probably get any job I wanted with my education), but I ended up meeting a girl in the Porn industry from Blackpool. I wanted to have sex with her and many other girls like her because I was going through a bi-curious stage. So did a few shoots with her and then "hey ho, what do you know" I ended up gettng a shoot with Lolly Badcock and just never looked back!

I chose to stay on the "Porn Path", explore my sexual desires... my naughty fantasies and enjoy my life! "Life is for living not living uptight", it's no fun playing by the rule book, that's just boring! I'm a confirmed Catholic and I wouldn't say that becoming a Porn Star is an authorised Catholic career path ;-) But I've taken the stick for it nevertheless from family, ex friends but do you know what I wouldn't change anything for the world because I'm proud of who I am, I'm very very happy and I enjoy making other people happy! I seem to be good at making others happy whether it be in my porn life or my personal life. Of course all my family are proud of me now, proud of what a lovely young lady I've become (or so they keep telling me! haha), how I've got my head screwed on right and how much of a businesswomen i am with all my little projects I'm running! That's just one thing that pisses me off... when people say "bet your parents are really proud of you" because what they don't realise is yes they are proud of me, yes they do support me in all the decisions I make and they even help me and give me ideas! My mum has helped me greatly with Katie K Boutique and in fact it all steamed from an idea of hers!

This idea that Porn Star's have no self respect is beyond me. Self respect is all about personal worth and I believe that my creativity and my imagination is wasted on a normal job like being a Teacher or a Doctor. Yes they are jobs that are paid well but I wouldn't call them "great" jobs... long hours... extra work at home you wouldn't get paid for... sometimes you might have to train new graduates... I'd rather just travel the world, masturbating all day, having sex with women all day, making a few people happy with my sex scenes and then when I come up with a new idea, write it down and turn it into something great! Another quality of self respect is "Pride" and I am extremely proud of my work and what I have achieved. I want to go on and achieve more and more! Produce more filth, fuck more girls... that's what makes me happy. That means I have all the self respect in the world. Just because it's not what they'd enjoy doesn't mean I lack in self respect. You could say 95% of the population of the world has no dignity as a quality of dignity would be to have "stateliness and formality" in manner and appearance, (basically acting like a member of the Royal Family)... well that's debatable for nearly everyone! I think I have as much dignity as the next person in the world because as much as people would like to think they rank higher than everyone else, we are all human, we are all equal. Finally when it comes to Morals are all about your behavioural attitude and I have never been arrested, I have never done anything to break to law, yes fair enough I'm open about my sexual experiences but I've seen the same thing from most of my friends on Facebook

Anyway guys and girls I hope you've enjoyed reading ;-)


Monday, 23 May 2011


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I'm in two new films this year: Teen Thrills and Strictly British Babes!  Check them out on the link!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Book Me For Work

I only shoot exclusively for my own website www.katekofficial.com however, I do take on certain assignments such as international Adult DVD and TV Productions, mainstream assignments, commrcial assignments, etc. I choose my work carefully so if you have a project you would be interested in having me involved in, you can look at my portfolio at www.purestorm.com/katiekmodel and www.adulttalentregister.com/katie-k and book me through those sites or through UK Agents www.modelsfirst.co.uk and www.model-performance.com
For international work, I will soon be going over to LA for adult work so I will keep you informed with regards to my LA dates.

If you are a fan, you can buy custom photosets and videos from me, just email custom@katiekofficial.com for more details.


Katie xx

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Friday, 20 May 2011

My Debut on katiekcams.com TONIGHT!!!

I will be having my debut on www.katiekcams.com TONIGHT at 9pm GMT!!! If you haven't already signed up, do it now for free! xx

BRAND NEW Mistress Katie video!!

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Monday, 16 May 2011


Due to high demand I will be coming back to MyFreeCams for 1 week only! This week will be the final week you can watch me on MyFreeCams so hurry over to http://profiles.myfreecams.com/KatieK_UK this week before it's too late! After this week I will only be available on www.adultwork.com/katie-k or www.katiekcams.com xxx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Katie K Conquers the Cover of Razzle Mag in the Press!

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

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Friday, 6 May 2011

#KATIEKDAY in the Press!

For Press related Inquiries please contact Alexander@StarFactoryEntertainment.com

#KATIEKDAY Giveaway!

Yesterday was my birthhday so we celebrated #KATIEKDAY all day at Twitter.com/katiekmodel yey! But because I was in hospital all day with my friend who is having surgery #KATIEKDAY didn't go exactly to plan so I'm having #KATIEKDAY Part 2 today! YEY YEY!!! So hopefully I'll have the two videos that were supposed to be uploaded yesterday uploaded onto the site today (they froze while they were uploading onto the server while I was out for some reason...) and I'm doing a #KATIEKDAY Giveaway! All you have to do is tweet me a sexy and unique birthday poem and the best one gets an exclusive #KATIEKDAY Hamper! You won't be able to win, buy or get this from anywhere. It's one of a kind and it contains a sexy matching lingerie set I've worn on a shoot, a pair of heels I've worn on a shoot, a personalised signed pic, a signed copy of Katie K's Teen Rampage and a couple of other cool surprises!!! So what are you waiting for! Tweet me your poems @katiekmodel NOW!!!! xxx