Friday, 6 May 2011

#KATIEKDAY Giveaway!

Yesterday was my birthhday so we celebrated #KATIEKDAY all day at yey! But because I was in hospital all day with my friend who is having surgery #KATIEKDAY didn't go exactly to plan so I'm having #KATIEKDAY Part 2 today! YEY YEY!!! So hopefully I'll have the two videos that were supposed to be uploaded yesterday uploaded onto the site today (they froze while they were uploading onto the server while I was out for some reason...) and I'm doing a #KATIEKDAY Giveaway! All you have to do is tweet me a sexy and unique birthday poem and the best one gets an exclusive #KATIEKDAY Hamper! You won't be able to win, buy or get this from anywhere. It's one of a kind and it contains a sexy matching lingerie set I've worn on a shoot, a pair of heels I've worn on a shoot, a personalised signed pic, a signed copy of Katie K's Teen Rampage and a couple of other cool surprises!!! So what are you waiting for! Tweet me your poems @katiekmodel NOW!!!! xxx

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