Sunday, 17 October 2010

New things being added...

Hello sexies!

I'm currently in nothing but my silky dressing gown writing this! I'm being very lazy on this very dull Sunday morning! I'm just updating my blog with links of sites that I've been a very bad girl on! I keep getting asked "where can I see a list of all the sites you've been on" so I'm slowly working through them, trying to remember every single site I'm published on and posting the links in the top right hand corner of my blog.


With Christmas coming up, my LOVELY, AMAZING, THOUGHTFUL fans have asked if they can buy me a Christmas present! Well of course the answer is yes, you sweeties! I have composed an Amazon Wish List that you may view here:

Right, I have absolutely nothing planned for today so I'm going to go and watch some awful British weekend telly!

Much love!


1 comment:

Ian said...

hi katie beautiful pic as always.superbad is a great movie. i am mclovin lol xxx