Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wow, how long has it taken me!

OMG! I am FINALLY back blogging!!!! The reason why? Well, I have a lot more free time to do these kind of things now! So what have I been up to? Well if you are a fan of mine on facebook (sorry I can't accept any new friend requests to please become my fan or join my group!) or follow me on twitter: you will see I've been a CRAZY busy bee! I am now WEBCAMMING!!!!: (check my schedule for when I'm doing my next shows!) and I will be doing EXCLUSIVE anal shows. This will be the only place where you can see me doing anal as I gave this level of work up 2 years ago, so if you want to see me shove inappropriate things up my tight, tiny little arsehole, this is the only place to see it and what better way than to watch it LIVE from my bedroom, performing JUST FOR YOU!

OK so I have some AMAZING things to share with you all and the ONLY places you will be able to find out about all these exciting things are here and Twitter, so if you haven't already, get yourself on there and follow my sexy titties!

OK so I'm currently supposed to be babysitting my 12 year old sister... I've been shooting all day (details to follow on Monday) so I'm gonna go order us a pizza, get us a DVD and snuggle up with our duvets and my puppy, Poppy!

Bye for now filthy fuckers! It's great to be back!


hotdeluxe said...

Hello Katie, I wish you a nice weekend!

Ian said...

hi katie love your blog babe.beautiful pic of you katie as

One Eyed Jack said...

Marry me! NOW!!!!!