Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's So Fluffy!!!!

Oi Oi!!!

How's it hanging babys? I've had a great weekend! I went to see that "Dispicable Me" (so so good! Best film I've seen since "Up"!) and then had a dance gig on Saturday night (went really really well!). On top of that I bought another puppy!!!! So I'm not the proud owner of 4 lizards and 2 doggies :-D yey! He's called Charlie and he is a Shih Tzu cross Westie cross Chihuahua. He's a big ball off fluff and I've included a pic of him with this post (but you can't see him very well because it's a bit dark). He's in the sink because I was getting ready to give him a bath lol.

I'm very very excited because myself and the GORGEOUS Cate Harrington will be launching our company properly this week (so excited to launch it to you all)!!! Good times all round!

I've had to secure my twitter feed now because some people ruin it for the rest (and before any rumours start flying around, it's not because my parents or family or friends have found out about my job because they all know about my job and have done for the past 3 and a half years. My parents are actually very proud of me, how well I've done and how successful I've become :-D ). You can happily request to add me: www.twitter.com/katiekmodel.

Don't forget to check out my naughty show on webcam: http://katiek.cammodels.com check my schedule to see when I'm next performing :-)


Katie xxx

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Ian said...

hi katie awe how cute.congratulations thats great news about you & Cate.cate is a wonderful,amazing person like you and your both so beautiful.love you both.you are both amazing.im so happy for you both.i wish you & Cate all the success ever with it.you Both deserve it.i know you will both be absolutely fantastic and i will be here supporting you always in everything you do.xxx