Thursday, 21 October 2010

Despicable Me!

Alright naughties ;-)

A quick couple of things! I announced a few months ago I was going to America. For now this move is on hold. I've currently got too many amazing projects and companies going ahead that it would be stupid of me to drop it all to go to america! I can't wait to launch all my projects and let you enjoy them! They're going to be so so good! Lot's of wanking to be had by all! hehe.

Tonight I've had a Dominoes Pizza (Texas BBQ my fave!) and I'm currently drooling over Nick from CSI: Las Vegas (he is the fucking fittest thing on this planet!) yee ha! Soon I'm going to enjoy Despicable Me at the cinema, I can't wait, I've been trying to go see it for the past week!

Today I learnt lots of things. With all these projects I've been chatting to some interesting people and I learnt today I'm pretty shit because I don't have a 5 year plan! Well, I live for today and not tomorrow because tomorrow is another day! But I guess not having a 5 year plan is bad... I have a 1 year plan but that's about it... I guess when you're in porn you can't really have a 5 year plan. In the current time we can't really have a 5 year plan anyway because things are constantly changing that it would be a waste of thought to arrange a 5 year plan, to suddenly realise it's not going to work in todays climate and then rethink... I'd always be rethinking! All I know is that I'm a horny bitch and I want to have sex all day long for as long as i can! Sounds like the best 5 year plan to me ;-)

Anyway I'll let you all know what the film is like!

Love you all

Katie xx


Dennis Tomlinson said...

Hi Katie! I'm glad you're not going to America! Just stay in Britain and keep up the sex!! Dennis xx

Rucko said...

Well Katie, if you're gonna be horny for the next 5 years I guess we're all gonna be the same! Keep up the great work babe.

Ian said...

hi katie i would of missed you alot if you had gone to usa but i would of still supported deserve the best katie and whats right for always here for looking forward to seeing all your projects you have up your sleeve.your amazing katie in my opinion.please never forget that xxx