Monday, 15 November 2010

Katie K- Nice news and some not so nice news...

Hello all!

Wow I've been SO super crazy busy that I've not had chance to update this blog in a week1 So I am going to make it really long to make up for it, so I hope you are ready! haha!

So let's start with what I've been up to!

Well, obviously, I've been VERY busy camming just recently: if you want to have a sneeky peek ;-) I'm supposed to be on cam right now but I'm having a day off and thought I would write to you, my fans today too :-) Because I love you all (awwwwwww)

As you all know, I am part of a dance troop and my first MAJOUR show is in 2 weeks with an average of 2 shows a week so I'm SUPER FRIGGING excited about this! So I've been busy getting back into dancing, training and things :-)

On top of this I had a FANTASTIC weekend! ARGH! I went to the Tutankhamun museum at the trafford centre. I thought it was really good but apparently it's not so! But I really enjoyed it, I like interesting things like that. I also went car shopping (I'm getting a merc in March so it wasn't for me, I was just company lol) and went to Chiquito's because Mexican food is my favourite. MMMMM YUMMY!

I have just signed up to FORMSPRING! So ask me whatever you want: katiekuk is my username ;-) I w=ant interesting and naughty questions, I just got a good one about having an orgie!

So I have also been CRAZY BUSY setting up theseprojects I keep going on about. One has been in the pipeline for 3 and a half years! The other for 2 years! So I am working desperately hard to get them launched to you very quickly. I have had offers from other companies, so hopefully one of these projects is going to be HUGE! So very exciting!

OK so now for the not so nice things. There is a british industry forum and a lot of girls have been writing some very negative things about the industry recently. This saddens me. Not only have I been on the recieving end of gossip and rumours, but I can also see everyone else being on the recieving end too and in other cases I've seen people start rumours. Not very nice! 4 years ago when I started in the adult industry, it was a lovely place to be. Now it isn't so much, which is really upsetting. Only because there have been so many really hurtful and nasty rumours going around the industry about anybody and everybody. I am doing everything that I can to set up my projects to invite girls into a lovely and calm part of the industry where there will be no rumours, no lies, no need to defend yourself and also plenty of work. Bullying will be forbidden and so will time wasters. I want to protect the ladies of the industry and I want the industry to change. I wanted to change Britains perception of the industry because it's not full of drug abusing bimbos (which is still very true, it's really not full of girls like that) but just recently there are a lot of fuck overs, time wasters, back stabbers, etc etc. I for one DO NOT GIVE A SHIT whatever anyone wants to spread around the industry about me. I know the truth and so do the people who I love. Everyone else can get lost. My fans know the truth because they are loyal, they support me and I give them an insight into my life and the industry and I tell them the truth. Giving them my latest news and gossip first. Well believe me, there is a BIG project in the making that will help the wonderful girls of british adult entertainment. There are going to be some TOP british adult names involved in this project to make it happen. I'm so so excited and I really want to do this for the girls. I want them to be safe, happy and secure. Bring it on!!!! What a challenge but it's going to be worth it!

FINALLY PLEASE PLEASE vote for me for Miss Freeones! Click on my name, Katie K!!!

OK so that's me. Bye for now, LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Katie xxx

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Ian said...

hi katie i will always support you katie.i'm looking forward to your upcoming projects xxx