Wednesday, 8 December 2010

:-D Katie K = Excited and happy! :-)

Hello my dirts (dirties + flirts = dirts haha I'm a geek I know),

I am still FULL of flu... but this is ok because it means I'm resting my sexy body and getting myself well again, fast! :-) so what have I been doing with myself? Watching dvds, doing a spot of cleaning, spending time with my dogs :-) Also, I've been doing a lot of thinking and reminiscing! I do this alot when I get some free time... You see, just recently I've been having weird dreams. Just dreams with people in who I haven't seen in ages, or people I don't associate myself with anymore or people who remind me of a certain time in my life... Sometimes I dream of people I've never even met but have somehow had an impact on my life! I don't know why I get these dreams but sometimes it can really annoy me, or upset me but mostly it just confuses me! Dreams are weird and I can accept that. Some people don't really dream much, but I dream every single night. I find it odd, I wish I knew what they meant! But dreaming of certain people last night got me thinking about my life today... About everything I've done, right back to when I was 12 which was the start of my rebel years! haha (which aren't over yet ;-) hehe)! Some of it makes me smile, some of it makes me laugh, some of it makes me cringe, some of it makes me cry but all of it made me who I am right now and I wouldn't change it for the world. I LOVE just remembering all the things I've done throughout my life, whether it be silly, naughty, embarrassing... I've got some amazing, interesting and funny stories to tell! And because I want to add to my memory bank for the future and let you enjoy my journey through life with me, as from next week when I'm better, my vid camera comes everywhere with me! So you get to see all my moments whether they be funny, silly, crazy, embarrassing, naughty and it will all be available to watch on my website when it launches in a few months... 2011 baby, here I come so watch the fuck out!

P.S I got the new Rihanna album LOUD! Buy it for your wives, girlfriends or lady friends for Christmas and they will love you forever ;-)

Anyway I'm off to watch some SHIT daytime television... just because I can!



Ian said...

hi katie its always good to dream and reminisce.i do it myself babe from time to time.hope you feel better soon big warm hugs and snogs XOXO

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, are you interested in being a guest blogger on our new music / art / culture website?
follow me on twitter and i will DM you with more info


Tony said...

So true, it takes all of our experiences to make us who we are. If nothing else it should make you feel good the you make so many other people sooo happy. I like that you are so honest and open on your blogs. It is refreshing