Sunday, 28 November 2010

Katie K's First EVER ANAL SCENE!!!

Hey everyone!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! I went out last night into Blackpool town with my sexy friends and loved every moment of it!

Anyway, I just thought I would share with you the knowledge that is my first EVER anal scene that started off my naughty anal love is available here to download: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This scene was so filthy with Starr as my Head Mistress and is full of chemistry between us both! All the reactions in this scene are 100% genuine, although obviously we are acting out a scene... i was genuinely turned on and so was Starr and you can tell through the sexual tension between us in this scene!

So go enjoy yourselves over it ;-) hehe

ALSO Please remember to keep voting for me on Miss Free Ones! If you sign up and register as a free member, your vote will be worth more! So please make me happy and vote for me!

On top of this, I am shooting for my website!!!! FINALLY my own official website is on it's way! So any requests for outfits, scene ideas, girlies to work with, please be sure to comment on this post!

Thanks so much love ya lots

Katie xx


Ian said...

now that is one hot scene.i love all your scenes babe.i remember the one with you,lolly badcock & Strapon were in a nurse outfit if i remember rightly xxx

Tony said...

I just discovered you, and I must say are wonderful! Can't wait for the website, I am eager with inticipation... you are very beautiful and have a great personality. Keep up the good Work ;)

Anonymous said...

didnt you do anal toys with Cate Harrington on Suburban Amateurs?