Thursday, 21 April 2011

Busy busy!

Wow wow wee wow! Katie K has been busy busy as per usual! What weird and wonderful things have I been up to? Well I've been eating LOTS of ice cream in this beautiful hot sunny weather and taking my dogs onto the beach for nice walks and play times! They love the beach! Charlie my little shih tzu cross westie chihuahua (yes he is a bit of a strange mix haha) LOVES sniffing out rocks, digging them out of the sand to make a big hole and then pick it up in his mouth and carry it for a bit until he drops it back unto the sand to dig up and start all over again! He is a very cute but strange dog haha. My other doggie Poppy is a Jack Russel cross and even she thinks Charlie is weird. I love them very much! Ok so enough about them and onto work! So I had a meeting with babestation and they've decided they're putting me onto the Babestation Xtreme schedule starting from my first night on Saturday (more details in a moment) and I will be put onto the Babestation schedule next month on a trial basis, so I need your support when it's my first night! I need you all to ring me over and over to keep me on their channel ;-) haha. So Saturday I will be doing TWO LIVE hardcore girl on girl scenes with the one and only Karlie Simon! I'm hoping to book her in for my website because she is MIGHTY FINE! I've met her loads of times, she's really lovely but I've never worked with her so I really can't wait to make her MINE! hehe. So you will be able to watch our first ever scene together LIVE on Babestation Xtreme on Saturday from about 11pm I think! Keep an eye out on my Twitter feed on Saturday night for EXACT times. Other than that my only other piece of news is that for those of you who have been DESPERATE to meet me... NOW YOU CAN! I'm going to the Paul Raymond Party that is being sponsered by Television X. I'm going to be signing autographs, having pictures taken and just being a general wild party girl with my crazy pornstar girlfriends! They're only inviting about 200 non industry guests so if you want to meet me and get onto the guest list for this event, contact telling them you want to meet me!

Hardcore dirty masturbations and sloppy squirts

Katie xx

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Ian said...

hi katie cute doggies babe awe.thats great news about babestation.your gonna be great on there no doubt about that.those phonelines will be so hot for you it won't be long before your permanent on there katie most definetly. xxxx