Saturday, 16 April 2011


Do you go to bed at night with lots of naughty fantasies of Katie K? Do you dream of meeting me but think it's a fantasy that would never come true? Well think again! I will be making an appearance at the Paul Raymond Party on Thursday 26th May 2011 being held at the newly opened Platinum Lace Bar & Gentleman's Club! I will be signing autographs, having pictures taken and having lots of crazy fun with all my pornstar friends! Want to attend the event? Paul Raymond are only inviting 150-200 non-industry people so email and tell them you want to meet me! It's first come first served and there aren't many tickets left! In attendance, along with myself and lots of other gorgeous pornstars, there'll be lots of key industry people, adult and mainstream press and mainstream celebrities! Some come down, have a laugh and a giggle with me and join in on the party!

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