Thursday, 20 January 2011

Katie K Empire Management!

February is a very IMPORTANT month for me! Not only is my website launching on Valentines Day, but the end of February sees the launch of my Model Management company! I thought I would let you get a glimpse of what's to come from me this year, it's going to be a BIG year! I became fed up of people taking advantage of models and models falling for scams over and over. It's time for a change and hopfully that's where I come in! Katie K Empire Management is where I care for the models and help them through this challenging, difficult and competitive industry. If there was something like this in the industry when I started out, I wouldn't have fallen for the scams... I want to protect models and that's why this company has been created! Go Team Katie! hehe. My team are going to have an audition/ casting day in February before launch for female models. We are only looking for the very best as we want to make lengthy careers for our models. I hope you will all support me because I value the support and opinions of my fans! You have done so much for me, you're always there for me and never fail to make me giggle and happy whenever I'm poorly or pissed off. Thanks for being amazing and I can't wait to return all the love you give me with everything I've got in store for you this year!!/pages/Katie-K-Empire-Management/124035551000519

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Ian said...

hi katie its gonna be an amazing year for so looking forward to your amazing projects because i know they will be amazing like you katie and i'll be here supporting you katie all the way in everything you do.this is gonna be an amazing project will do amazing katie i know that for a fact.xxxx