Saturday, 1 January 2011

goodbye 2010... HELLO 2011!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally it's a brand new year! And do you know what a brand new year means? A brand new you! A brand new start! Brand new opportunities! New Years Eve isn't just about the celebrations and being with your most nearest and dearest, it's about flushing out what you don't need or want anymore and creating spaces for new beginnings. Too many people live by the motto "same shit, different day" but my motto is a song lyric: "to live doesn't mean that you're alive". Our life is what we make it, if you don't like something, change it! It really is that easy. This year, make your resolutions about you, to achieve everything in life that you want to. Make 2011 the year you achieve all of your goals, and if you haven't got any... make some! We don't have to keep going round and round in the same circle of life every day. The same boring routine. The same awful 9-5 job. Do what you enjoy doing, what makes you jump out of bed for in the morning. Turn hobbies into careers and your unchallenging job position into a promotion. It's been an entire decade since the new millenimum and how many of you have achieved everything you have wanted to in the past 10 years? Time flies doesn't it! So come on, make 2011 YOUR year, like me! Do something to make yourself happy, to challenge yourself and to turn your life around! 2011 is going to be MY year. I have so many amazing projects launching this year and I want this to be the year that begins my career and my path in life. Please enjoy this journey with me and show your support by joining my social networking pages. Details on the right hand side of this page under the section "follow me".

On another note, last night was amazing. I spent it having a lovely time with my family, drinking champers and then setting off chinese lanterns at midnight. I've never done that before. I made some little wishes with my cousins as we watched them blow away into the sky. The start of 2011 couldn't have been more perfect.

Happy New Year peeps!




Rucko said...

All the very best for 2011 Katie, and hoping all your projects work out for you. Looking forward to seeing what's on offer. Have a great year!

Ian said...

hi katie happy new year are gonna have a amazing 2011 because you are absolutely amazing in everyway and im looking forward to all your hoping to have a great 2011 aswell.kisses xxxx