Friday, 6 July 2012

Katie K Featured in Not One But Two Top Shelf UK Magazines


LONDON—Katie K has never been a stranger to the to the press. Her gorgeous face, stunning body and her reputation as the "Bad Girl of Britain" have made her a regular at the news stands. And this month is no different. The British starlet is featured in not one, but two UK magazines. The seductive actress is the cover model for the best-selling Escort Magazine and has a featured article and pictorial spread in Ravers DVD Magazine.

The internationally recognized adult actress celebrates her birthday on the cover of Escort Magazine from Paul Raymond Publications. With her inviting smile, Katie K is a pleasure to look at as she poses in sexy pink stockings and a black garter belt. Readers can open Escort Magazine to find a pictorial spread of Katie surrounded by balloons and banners. She enjoys birthday cake but true to her "bad girl" nature, she makes it sexy by decorating herself in jelly and cream.

"I haven't shot for Paul Raymond Publications for over a year so I was excited to be back," said Katie K. "I'm happy they chose me to be their cover girl! It's a great opportunity to be on the cover because Escort Magazine is one of the UK's best selling top shelf magazines!"

Katie is just as striking in Ravers DVD Magazine from Galaxy Publications, the second publication of the month in which she is featured. Katie wrote an article about her very successful trip to Los Angeles that includes many of the naughty details and the inside scoop from her travels. There are plenty of gorgeous nude photos to accompany the starlet's article.

"To be featured in TWO magazines in the same month is such an achievement," said Katie. "It means the world to me and just confirms that I'm doing the right things and going in the right direction with my career!"

Both Escort Magazine and Ravers DVD Magazine can be found at newsstands now.

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