Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I'm so so happy!!!! Not only did AVN and Xbiz feature a press release of my site on their websites, AVN actually posted the news on their front page!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always wanted to be on the front page of AVN so I am completely over the moon and made up about it! I want to thank Alex of Star Factory PR for being amazing and making this possible! Also my fantastic and amazing photographer and designer who have both put in the effort and hard work to make it an amazing site!

I'm also crazy happy because Xbiz, GTXXXtreme and Hollywood Skin Co all featured the press release too and I have an interview on Jiggy Jaguar Radio US on Sunday! So so so so happy :-)

Katie xxx


Maverick said...

OMG indeed. Congrats!

Ian said...

you so well deserve all this recognition katie because your an amazing,wonderful,lovely,extremely talented woman who deserves every single success.your website is the best i've ever seen ever and ive seen

Rachael said...

Congratulations babe. See you soon! xx