Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Social Media- Why are you so good? recently received a question about adult performers and social media. In a nutshell:

When I look at most models, actresses, and singers in mainstream, I find that I know very little about the person. Many A-listers don’t have an account on Twitter or Facebook, and if they do it’s usually maintained by an assistant or a PR firm simply telling you where to find them next (movie, CD, magazine cover, etc).

But when I look into the adult industry, it’s a completely different story – they’re ALL on social media. Many award-winning XXX actresses take the time to tweet and interact with fans every single day. In many cases, they have just as many (or more!!) followers as mainstream actresses do and they certainly have more than their fair share of trolls and haters to sift through… but they all seem to take the time to go the extra mile for fans and followers.

So, when it comes to social media and interacting with their fans, are adult actresses ahead of the curve? Are these ladies being more intimate with their fan base simply because what they do on camera is more intimate to begin with? Or do they simply know something that the mainstream actresses don’t?”

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