Friday, 24 February 2012

Katie K shoots for Third Degree, Zero Tolerance!

I’m sat in my bed in the model house in Calabasas, LA! I arrived on Sunday and I was sooooo jet lagged! I had two hours sleep before my flight and then I was on the plane for 12 hours! When I get here my body was telling me it was past midnight but it was still daylight here! I'm having such an amazing time and I'm being treated really well. Everyone is so nice!

So I've been busy sleeping off my jet lag and getting tested, etc so today (yesterday) was my first free day. I was going to spend it in bed before my shoot tomorrow (today) but I got a call last minute asking if I wanted to shoot today. Of course I said YES!!! So it was a shoot for Third Degree, Zero Tolerance new movie Girlfriends 4! I can't wait to watch it back because the scene was so fucking hot!!! They made the most fitting pair, me and new American Starlet Molly Bennett! We were face deep in each others pussies, she loved being my first American Slut and I loved being her first British Bitch! Look at how perfect we look together!!! You couldn't get a more perfect match!

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CageFightingBlogger said...

You certainly look like a lovely couple, Katie. Looking forward to seeing the video! x