Friday, 13 January 2012

@icandyonline Interview!

Now this is a very interesting interview I had with iCandy Online Magazine because...well for 1... I think I'm the first Adult Film Star they have interviewed!   Gaz, the editor and interviewer asked me some VERY interesting questions such as "How does it feel to become such an icon at your age?", "The porn industry carries a very big stigma of course – does that ever bother you?", "do you plan your scenes or are you at the mercy of directors?" and "are you single? Would you ever date someone ordinary like oooooh I dunno a magazine editor let’s say? Does what you do make it a problem for having a relationship?"

I think this has definitely got to be the most personal interview I've had yet!  Well... he does say he wants to probe me... ;-p

Check it out now, here:

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