Monday, 7 March 2011

Katie K does it again...!

Hello hello sexy minxes!

I've got loads to tell you! How are you enjoying the site so far? I hope it's keeping your mind VERY occupied! Today will see a new photo update and I hope you all enjoyed the "glasses" video, I know you all kept asking for it, so we uploaded it earlier because I'm awesome like that! haha! Also, tomorrow an extra bonus set will be added into the Archive Section of the site and then a candid video will be updated on Wednesday and a filthy video on Friday :-)

I've done a new interview for Hollywood Skin Company! Check out the interview here, I thought you'd might like to read my answers.

Last night saw the debut of my first ever radio show for Red Tube! I am hosting my own show every Sunday night/Monday morning and the feedback was incredible! Thanks to everyone who listened in, I literally had thousands of callers!

Other than that I've been busy nursing my poorly dog and I went out into Liverpool at the weekend. It was brilliant! I don't remember much of the night from 2.30am onwards... haha! I just remember waking up in the hotel in bed naked next to my girlfriend thinking "how the hell did I get here?!" I guess that's the sign of a good night as everyone keeps telling me but I wish I could remember it, I hate hearing all these embarrassing little stories about how drunk I was! haha.

Anyway, I'm back on webcam this week, starting between 10am and 11am everyday and finishing at 5pm. So if you want a personal one on one webcam session, the place to do that is here: I can be your dominant mistress and make you my slave, or we can do some sexy roleplay together. You can direct me and make me do whatever you want me to do or maybe you just want to tell me your biggest fantasy you have of me. This is the only place you can do that. Talk directly to me while I'm being filthy for your eyes only!!!

Loads more to come on this site very soon so watch out for it all! It's gonna be HOT!

Lots of love

Katie xx

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Ian said...

great interview great radio show katie.i knew you would be amazing as always katie.naughty but nice glad charlie is getting better.kisses xoxo